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September 11, 2023

DevLearnDesign – Week1 (Layout)

I recently started a web design course in order to improve my design skills and create visually appealing websites. As a developer, I struggled with design due to my lack of artistic sense. However, this course has inspired me to see design as a powerful form of communication between the interface and the reader.

One of the first things I learned in the course was how to use grids in Figma, a design tool. Grids help maintain consistent layout and make it easier to position elements on a page. Before using grids, I would place objects randomly or based on intuition, which made it difficult to achieve a cohesive design. Now, I can align objects to specific columns, saving time and ensuring a more organized layout.

If you’re interested in learning more about layout grids in Figma, check out this video below:

Considering the focal point is crucial when organizing items within a frame. The focal point guides the reader’s attention and determines where they start reading. By using contrasting colors and sizes, I can make the key message of a design stand out and ensure that viewers extract information easily.

This course has not only taught me practical skills but also helped me appreciate well-designed pieces in the real world. For example, I came across a no-smoking sign in an elevator that effectively used red color and centered content to emphasize the message.

Design is truly amazing – it allows designers to control where readers look, what they read first, and how they feel. I’m excited to continue learning and applying these newfound design techniques to my web projects without any barriers or excuses.

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